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Priced for 1-10 vehicles & assets

Built with Small Business Owners and Scheduling Managers in Mind

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Managing scheduling and field services for a small business is no small task. You have the same challenges as larger companies - but fewer resources. Less margin for error - but faster decision-making. That's why Linxup GPS Tracking solutions are simple, powerful, affordable, and easy to use. Our best-in-class GPS tracking software provides you with the location and time-on-site information you need, when you need it.

For example, you can quickly address unexpected issues and delays, make fast adjustments to squeeze in a same-day job request, and eliminate the time and expense of unnecessary trips and equipment use.

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GPS Tracking for Small-Scale Fleets & Assets

Protect what keeps your business running.

Linxup GPS tracking for trucks

Work Trucks

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Linxup GPS tracking for containers


Linxup GPS tracking for cars

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Monthly ROI Starts at Just 1 Fleet Vehicle

Vehicles in your fleet:

Potential savings per month:

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Know Where - Know When - Know Now

GPS fleet tracking devices and software solution

Linxup GPS Tracking Solutions give small business owners an edge in managing field operations.

  • Real-time location information on all tracked vehicles and assets like trailers, equipment and containers
  • Real time usage information on all tracked vehicles and motorized assets
  • Route history and replay
  • Programmable alerts for activities that require immediate attention
  • Easy access to gps tracking data and management, via desktop or mobile app (iOS/Android)
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Enterprise-grade GPS Tracking System

  • Combined Vehicle & Asset visibility
  • Dash Cam Tracking
  • Configurable Geofencing (Negative & Positive)
  • Best-in-class software
  • Custom Alerts
  • Maintenance Tracking

Small Business Affordability

  • Low monthly per device cost
  • Designed to lower fuel expenses
  • Lowers risk and can lower insurance costs
  • Monthly ROI of up to 4x or more
  • Helps identify ways to increase scheduling capacity

Powerful and Durable Devices

Linxup GPS Vehicle Trackers

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Linxup GPS Asset Trackers

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Linxcam Dash Camera

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