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Know Exactly Where Your Equipment Is—Every Second.

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Why rely on blind trust when renting out equipment, loaning out tools, or deploying expensive assets across job sites? Asset tracking by Linxup is the only solution that gives you exactly what you need—at an extremely affordable price.

  • Rugged Construction
  • Solar-Powered Options
  • Weather-Proof Casings
  • Long-Life Batteries
  • Variable Reporting Intervals
GPS Vehicle Tracker


The ATLT - Long Term Asset Tracker

  • No installation required
  • 3-year battery life


Track Everything—Big or Small.

GPS Asset Trackers by Linxup make it extremely easy to keep track of the equipment you care about most. Durable construction & versatile power options mean a million possibilities.

heavy equipment

Heavy Equipment

Track bulldozers, graders, scrapers, backhoes, trenchers, excavators, cranes, pavers, mixers, and more.


Containers & Trailers

Track shipping containers, modal units, flatbeds, lowboys, removable goosenecks, drop decks, utility trailers, and flatbeds.


Towables & Leave-Behinds

Track light stacks, power generators, compressors, waste disposal bins, power packs, and more.

Marine Vessels

Track personal boats, fishing vessels, barge containers, tugboats, and more.

Power Equipment & Tools

Track handheld power tools, table top tools, chainsaws, and other equipment.

Light Equipment

Track bobcats, forklifts, skyjacks, plows, augers, pressure washers, blowers, trimmers, jack hammers, and more.

Personal Recreation

Track utility vehicles, ATVs, jet skis, towable campers, and more.

Electronic Equipment

Track laptops, soundboards, lighting equipment, speakers & AV, drones, and more.

Farm Equipment

Track combines, spreaders, sprayers, tractors, bailers, irrigation units, and more.

The Linxup Platform

Eliminate Guesswork & Manual Checks.

Log in to our web or mobile app to get insights into your equipment— wherever it is.

  • Still & idle location
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Usage habits
  • Automatic notification with unauthorized movement
  • Maintenance event tracking

Locate and monitor every aspect of your equipment at a glance.

Asset Tracking Devices

Our Asset Tracker Lineup

All products ship same day with next-day arrival available!

Long term asset GPS Tracker


Long Term Asset Tracker

$29.99 with 3-year plan

With simple replaceable batteries that last for 3 years, you can track literally anything.

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DIMENSIONS: 3" x 1.5" x 1"
WEIGHT: 3 ounces
CASE MATERIAL: IP67 water and dust-proof casing
BATTERY: 3 replaceable AA x Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LTC) Batteries
LIFESPAN: Minimum 3 years between battery replacements
(-20°C to +60°C)
DATA NETWORK: 4G cellular
PINGS: Twice a day (Can adjust to once a day to extend battery life), every 10 minutes in recovery mode.
GPS Vehicle Tracker

The AT3
Asset GPS Tracker

Free with 3-year plan

Versatile, with a rechargeable battery that wires to power source.

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DIMENSIONS: 2.4" x 1.8" x .07"
WEIGHT: 4 ounces
CASE MATERIAL: IP66 weather proof casing
BATTERY: Rechargeable
(wiring harness additional)
LIFESPAN: 3 months between charges
OPERATING TEMPS: -22°F to +167°F
(-30°C to +75°C)
DATA NETWORK: 4G cellular
PINGS: Every 10 mins when moving.
Once a day when on battery.
GPS Vehicle Tracker

The ATSolar
Asset GPS Tracker

$99.99 with 3-year plan

Solar-powered and self-charging, with more frequent location updates than the competition.

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DIMENSIONS: 8.5" x 4.7" x 1.1"
WEIGHT: 18 ounces
CASE MATERIAL: IP67 weather proof casing
BATTERY: Self-charging solar-powered
LIFESPAN: Up to 10 years
OPERATING TEMPS: -22°F to +158°F
(-30°C to +70°C)
DATA NETWORK: 4G cellular
PINGS: Every 10 mins when moving.
Every 3 hours when stationary.


Two service levels to meet your business needs

Linxup trackers rely on an extremely reliable cellular network. A monthly subscription fee is required to access the tracking features of your device.

Linxup Aware

This is our simple track and trace plan. If you just need the basics for your vehicles and equipment—location, alerts, and safety reports—this has you covered.

  • GPS track and trace
  • Alerts
  • Geofences
  • Diagnostic trouble codes



No contract!*

Plus a one-time fee for your asset tracker

*Two and three-year contracts also available



Our most popular plan includes enhanced reporting, mileage reporting and fuel card support, and API integration with a variety of partners and other software tools.

  • Enhanced reporting
  • Upload customer locations for easy geofence creation
  • Input sensor data
  • Posted speed monitoring



Plus a one-time fee for your asset tracker*

*Asset trackers discounted for two and three-year contracts

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Special volume pricing available.

Do you have multiple things to track? We can help you monitor vehicles, equipment, dash cameras, and more.

Why Do I Pay a Monthly Fee?

Linxup service provides connection to the 4G network that allows you to track vehicle locations. Along with using this network, you will also receive:

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Free Firmware &
Software Upgrades

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Linxup Web
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Customer Reviews

Overall Satisfaction Rating


Manuel Castelan

I bought this asset tracker for my backhoe and it was a breeze to install. The instructions are super simple and it hides away really well. A few days after buying it, Linxup customer support called just to make sure I was satisfied. They taught me how to best use the tracker and everything. Even walked me through the web and mobile apps. It's money well spent.

Greg B.

For the price and what we use it for (gps asset tracking) it works great! 110% satisfied.


I've been looking for some gps asset tracking devices for a while. Linxup hits the sweet spot on what I needed for the protection of my assets.

Cornel + Taby

Easy to use and very functional if all you’re trying to do is track equipment. Has many other options for other types of companies.

Monica S

Love the service! Easy and such a help! Thank you LINXUP!


Common Questions About Our Asset Trackers

Yes! Our trackers are functional from -22°F to +158°F (-30°C to +70°C)
Yes. They have a minimum of IP66 weather proof rating.
Yes. Geofence alerts make it easy to ensure that your asset within designated boundaries at all times.
In addition to location, you can use Linxup equipment trackers to monitor temperature, usage habits, unauthorized movement, maintenance events, and more.
No. It can, however, provide temperature monitoring with available temperature sensors.
Yes. The ATLT and solar devices attach quickly with optional high-powered magnets or screws. Wired trackers are installed with a simple three wire connection.
Yes - we have free mobile apps for both iPhone and Android.
Your travels can be limitless. Our devices work throughout the United States and in some parts of Canada and Mexico.
Some areas of Canada and Mexico are supported, as well as US territories such as Puerto Rico.
Temperature monitoring is only available with the solar device.

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