Real time GPS tracking

Temperature Tracking Device for Cold Chain Monitoring

Multiple input/output ports allow you to use IoT sensors to customize alerts for the events you need to monitor

Linxup solar gps tracking temp sensor

The Linxup Solar Tracker is the premier GPS solution for non-powered equipment such as trailers and provides detailed data reporting for your equipment, shipments, and more. Features include:

  • Weather-proof solar tracker designed for extreme conditions, including marine and desert environments.
  • Location updates four times per hour.
  • Custom configured trigger alerts for a variety of events and thresholds.
  • API integration for your existing data management systems.
linxup gps tracking software app

What can you do with cold chain monitoring technology?

  • Ensure food and product safety with shipment temperature tracking and cold storage monitoring.
  • Reduce replacement costs for spoiled goods with real-time cold chain management.
  • Increase business with data-driven assurance to customers of product safety.
  • Immediately dispatch a technician when equipment fails and avoid costly down time.

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